The Ambassador and the individual sections

Ambassador Gordon Kricke

The Ambassador - Dr. Gordon Kricke

The political section

The political section observes Philippine foreign and domestic policy based on contacts with Philippine governmental and non-governmental institutions. Likewise, the political section informs Philippine partners and organisations about political developments within Germany and its foreign and European policy.  

The development cooperation section

This section coordinates and monitors the work of the various German development cooperation agencies. It maintains close links with the relevant Philippine government departments.

The economics section

The economics section promotes economic relations between Germany and the Philippines. We welcome inquiries and requests for information on all areas of German economy. 

The consular section

The Embassy´s consular section offers a range of services, for instance issuing of visas, issuing of passports to German nationals, general legal advice and help for distressed German tourists. 

The cultural section

The cultural section promotes cultural exchange between Germany and the Philippines. In particular it coordinates the work of the various German cultural institutions in the Philippines, provides information about scholarship programmes and study opportunities in Germany.

The press section

The Press department disseminates information about Germany and the work of the Embassy and looks after the Embassy's media contacts. 

The Ambassador and the individual sections