German Passports

Appointments for German Passport Applications

All applicants for German passports have to set an appointment for their application online.

Effective immediately, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany will issue regular passports (so-called Europapässe).
A new passport law has been effective since November 1, 2007, it is herein provided that for all persons who have reached the age of 6 years, fingerprints must be saved on a microchip, therefore a personal appearance is hence, absolutely necessary.
For children under the age of 12 years, a "Child Passport" (Kinderreisepass) can be issued.

Below you can find the passport application form to download and our information leaflets (in German language only) regarding passport applications for adults (Volljährige) and minors (Minderjährige).
Please note that according to international practice
dual citizens holding both German and Philippine citizenship must present a valid Philippine passport to the Philippine immigration authorities when leaving / re-entering the Philippines and a valid German passport to the German immigration authorities when entering / leaving Germany.

VIS - Visa Information System

Information for passport applicants on the introduction of biometrically-enabled passports (e-passports)

With the introduction of facial biometrics in passports issued from 1 November 2005 onwards, please note that passport photographs need to meet higher standards than in the past. The fee for the new chip-based passports will also be increased.

German Passports