Arts and Design Workshop Centers on Camiguin Island funded by the German Embassy

Under the small-scale projects scheme of the German Embassy, two community and school-based Arts and Design Workshop Centers have been inaugurated in the Municipality of Mambajao, Camiguin Province.

In partnering with the Coalition for Better Education from Cebu and the local NGO Komunidad Sa Baibai, the Embassy co-funded the construction of a livelihood center and the furnishing of its workshop with machinery, equipment, tools, and materials.

In this community-based workshop center women will be trained on bead embroidery and on the production of souvenir items using sea glass which is abundantly available on the Camiguin Island shores. This capacity development program will also be implemented at the local Yumbing National High School, leading to a technical and vocational skills certificate. Subsequently the women and students will receive additional training on social entrepreneurship and organizational development in order to provide them with the necessary skills for a sustainable income generation.

Thanks to the dedication of the stakeholders involved and their will to move things, it only took a couple of months on Camiguin Island to create a new empowered community of learning which may directly improve the quality of life among the poorest sectors of society.

March 2017

Arts and Design Workshop Centers on Camiguin Island funded by the German Embassy


Small-Scale Projects


The German Embassy undertakes its own Small-Scale Development Projects in its administrative district which includes the Philippines, Palau, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia. Deadline for submission of project applications for funding in 2018 is 29 December 2017.