Holidays and traditions

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"Fasching", "Fasnacht", "Karneval"

"Fasching", "Fasnacht" or "Karneval" are all terms used to describe carnival, an ancient tradition which is celebrated all over Germany but particularly in the Rhineland and in the strongly Catholic regions of Germany. Mainz, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bonn are hotbeds of carnival fun.


Easter Traditions in Germany: Painted Eggs and Tail-Coated Horsemen

Easter is deeply rooted in German culture: it is a time for celebrations across the country. Colourful and decorated eggs as a symbol of resurgent life in the spring are a quintessential part of the Easter tradition in Germany.

Waitress in traditional Bavarian dress


The “Münchner Oktoberfest”, or as the local Bavarians refer to it, “Die Wiesn” is the single biggest and most prestigious fair in the world. However, it is also one the most traditional fairs in the world and gives the visitor a good insight on the mixture between 21st century modern Germany and ancient Bavarian culture and customs.

3. Oktober 1990

October 3 - Day of German Unity

October 3rd is a national holiday in Germany and marks the day when the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) and the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) were reunited. It is one of the major turning points in German history.


Christmas in Germany

Christmas - no other celebration exerts such a far-reaching influence on all aspects of German life. It is as if public life in all its manifestations is moving towards these holidays. No-one can escape the influence of this great festival.

Holidays and traditions

Oktoberfest München

Allotment Culture in Germany - The "Schrebergarten"

As spring arrives, Germany's allotment garden ("Schrebergarten") owners get busy putting out garden gnomes, trimming trees and planting new flowers, fruits and vegetables. There are more than one million garden plots in Germany, but where does the German passion for allotment gardens come from?

Beer Garden Culture in Germany

Glas Bier

The beer garden (in German: Biergarten), a special type of garden restaurant, was originally invented in Bavaria in the 19th century. The first beer gardens were merely a side effect of the brewing facilities.

Food and drinks

Die vier Köche der RTL II-Sendung "Die Kochprofis - Einsatz am Herd" (l-r): Mike Süsser, Andreas Schweiger, Oliver Mik und Frank Oehler.

Is beer or wine more popular? Do you know how many kinds of bread there are in Germany? The answers might surprise you! Learn more about what to eat and drink in Germany.