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Is beer or wine more popular? Do you know how many kinds of bread there are in Germany? The answers might surprise you! Learn more about what to eat and drink in Germany.

Curry 36 in Berlin

Berlin Street Food

Berlin boasts some thousands of imbissbuden (snack shops) selling quick food fixes from all corners of the globe. The döner kebab is by far the most popular, but the currywurst is a cult classic. 

Sauerbraten with Thuringian dumplings © picture-alliance / ZB

The Dumpling: A Ubiquitous Side Dish

The dumpling is a worldwide food trend that has existed for centuries. In Germany, the dumpling often finds a new shape, filling, or function in each particular region. There's one thing that all dumpling lovers agree upon: sauce—and lots of it—is a must-have accompaniment!

German bakery

German bread and delights

Germans ate on average more than 87 kilograms of bread, cakes and pastries last year, by the calculation of the Chamber of Agriculture of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. 

Münchens Oberbürgermeister Christian Ude zapfte am Samstag (18.09.2010) in München auf dem Oktoberfest das erste Fass Bier an.

German Beer

A beer? We can offer you 5000! This is also true of drinking habits in the various parts of Germany: in general, but especially in north Germany, the light Pilsener with little hops is favoured. Even in Dortmund it has displaced the classic export beer. An amber coloured Alt (a top-fermented dark beer) is popular in Düsseldorf and in the Lower Rhine valleys.

Glas Bier

Beer Garden Culture in Germany

The beer garden (in German: Biergarten), a special type of garden restaurant, was originally invented in Bavaria in the 19th century. The first beer gardens were merely a side effect of the brewing facilities.

Weinberg in Volkach

German Wines - Leading the Field Again Worldwide

Germany’s winegrowing regions are among the most northerly in the world. That is what makes German wines so distinctive: the grapes enjoy long periods of growth in moderate summer heat, which gives the wines their renowned lightness and fruity aroma.

Food and drinks


German Christmas Drinks

Frohe Weihnachten!

Glühwein (mulled wine) has become a tradition on Germany's Christmas markets - a godsend when fingers and toes start getting numb from the cold. Warming the spirit, it also helps wash down roasted chestnuts and grilled sausages.

German Christmas recipes

Many people in Germany love baking cookies during Christmas season. You will also find some other traditional German recipes here.