Many Germans love sports. In fact, every third German is a member of a sport club. It is therefore no wonder that Germany has been so sucessful in international sports. Popular disciplines include football (soccer), athletics and cycling. Germany has hosted many major sports events in the past, like the Football World Cup in 2006, the World Championships in Athletics in 2009, the 2010 Hockey World Championships and the 2011 Women's World Cup.

German sports stars known all over the world include tennis players Steffi Graf and Boris Becker, soccer player Franz Beckenbauer, F1 racer Sebastian Vettel, basketball star Dirk Nowitzki and pool players Ralf Souquet and Thorsten Hohmann.


Germany – Land of Sport: Facts and Figures

What's interesting about Sports in Germany? Find out!

Thomas Mueller (13) scores

Football - Soccer

Football or soccer is by far the most popular sport in Germany. 

Hiking in Jasmund National Park

Hiking in Germany

Hiking is in. Around 34 million Germans go hiking in their free time. And that is no coincidence, because Germany has an excellent infrastructure for hiking with just less than 200,000 km of fully-developed paths leading through many kinds of landscapes, some of them quite spectacular.


View from the Canoe – Wasserwandern in Germany

"Wasserwandern" is the German term for touring by water, traveling by canoe or a kayak along the designated waterways of multiple connected lakes or rivers. Rest areas, campgrounds and even restaurants are sometimes scattered along the route. 


Golf in Germany: from elitist sport to popular recreation

Despite its lingering celebrity sport aura, golf is today increasingly popular with all sections of German society. More and more people enjoy a game that tests both concentration and sporting prowess. The eternal quest for the perfect stroke has become an enthralling pastime.


In der Disziplin Laufen gibt es die Strecken 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 5000 und 10 000m

How Language and Sport Break Down Barriers

Living language: German is the mother tongue of more than 100 million people.

They are social bridge builders and promote international understanding: language and sport have more in common than one might initially think. How are they similar? Both create identity, have an integrative effect and bring people of different nationalities together.


Sportförderung Auswärtiges Amt

Sport means more than competition – it also stands for fairness, respect and human encounters. Sport can be a great force for integration, bringing people together across national frontiers.