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Sandmann mit Fußball, Foto: RBB


Penalty shootout with the Sandman

With the kind permission of RBB (Radio Berlin-Brandenburg)

Discover Germany quiz

Choose one of two routes through Germany's different regions. Get the questions right and gain extra points from bonus games to increase your highscore. Try your luck and win one of the top prizes

A German National Tourist Board (GNTB) game

Adventure Germany game

Try your luck and win a T-shirt! You have a choice of four different games: City-Action, Mountain-Biking, Surfer's Fun und Rollercoaster. Ready, steady, go!

A German National Tourist Board (GNTB) game

Mozart in Germany

World-famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus takes you on a little quiz tour round Germany where he visited and performed frequently and where his father was born. The tour is provided by the German National Tourist Board (GNTB).


Don´t compromise ... Germanize!

Games and Fun


The Federal Chancellor for Kids

Politics is not only for grown-ups. You can click your way through the world of Chancellor Angela Merkel on this site especially for kids.

YOUNG GERMANY - Your career, education and lifestyle guide

Young Germany on YouTube

Check out our collection of films on the Web’s biggest video Website: From our Editor’s trip flying in a two-seater plane over the Rhine and Mosel valley, to conversation snippets of foreign students talking about their lives in Germany – there’s plenty to see!