Tafel1: 2016 Open Day at the German Foreign Ministry
O-Ton1 Michael Roth – Minister of State of Europe
„We begin by accepting the world as it is, despite all the crises going on. But then we set out to improve it. We call that crisis diplomacy. It’s about NOT closing your eyes to the injustices of this world and making political and diplomatic efforts to create a world that is a bit more peaceful, a bit more just, and a bit more humane.“
O-Ton2 Visitor
„For starters, it’s nice to see the corridors of power. It’s fascinating to see the places where these things take place.“
O-Ton3 Visitor
„It’s very interesting and very informative.“
O-Ton4 Visitor
„There are lots of things to do with kids here.“
O-Ton5 Visitor
„I’m always very satisfied and I come every year. And I put together a very diverse schedule for myself.“