Visa procedure and forms


The Embassy endeavours to regularly adapt all its information leaflets and offer you the valid information for your individual case on this website. We do advise you, however, to familiarize yourself with the most current information nearer the time you plan to submit your visa application.

Kindly understand that questions about visa matters, that are already explained on the website, cannot be answered again individually. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions that go beyond the information offered on this website.


Visa applications can be accepted in the Visa Section only if an appointment for the submission of the application was scheduled.

Online Appointment System

You can find detailed information regarding the visa appointment system here: 

Appointment system [pdf, 259.4k]

How to set an appointment [pdf, 809.87k]

When you visit the Embassy to submit your visa application, kindly ensure the following:

1. Arrive in time for your appointment in the Visa Section.

2. Bring all the required documents based on the checklist in the information leaflet below that applies to the type of visa you require; an incomplete application will be turned away at the visa counter and you will be requested to set a new appointment for the visa interview.

3. Carefully check the data in your application form before submitting it at the Visa counter, and make corrections in writing in the form where required (the application form alone is legally binding; visas are issued according to the data given by the applicant in the application form).


Family Reunion Visa

You can find here the requirements for the application for a visa for family reunion (to a spouse, to parents, of a parent with custody to a German child (minor)) to stay permanently in Germany.

Hamburger Hafen

Seafarer's visa

Seafarers, who are to join their ship in a German harbour (e.g. Hamburg, Bremerhaven), require a Schengen-Visa for the entry into the Schengen-Area (e.g. through airport in Frankfurt). The visa is generally issued as a transit visa.


Jobseeker's Visa

The jobseeker’s visa (covered by Section 18c of the Residence Act) enables highly skilled professionals from countries outside the EU to come to Germany for up to six months so that they can look for a job commensurate with their qualifications.

Philippinische Schwestern freuen sich �ber bestandene Pr�

General information on the job placement procedures for qualified nurses to Germany

Since July 2013, qualified Filipino nurses may be employed in Germany. Below are more information about the job placement procedures and the visa application process for qualified nurses:

Visa procedure and forms

Antragsformular Schengenvisum

Appointment system


You can find detailed information regarding the appointment system of the Visa Section in the following information leaflet:

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the visa processing

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